"I look forward to Mondays now"

“Mike helped me devise strategy to help me get into the position I wanted to be in. My husband was happy to see that I was coming home happier."

Lorna, Engineer

Tech professional shifts his career

“I wanted an entrepreneurial environment in a big company. And it’s exactly where I am. I couldn’t even put a price on where I am right now. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been and he definitely helped me get there. The return on investment is exponential.”

Patrick, Senior-level Program Manager

Rebuilding trust with her team to navigate major organizational change 

“It grew into a team that was the best team I have ever had and lead in the 18 years that I have been with the company.”

Carmen, Director in Fortune 500 Company

Fostering team excellence amidst significant organizational change

"The first thing that comes to mind for me [is]...Mike's genuine concern for the human spirit."

Benardo, Associate VP/Dean of Students at University

Partnering with coaching leaders to address company culture

“Always willing to be a thought partner. When he did review things for us it was just really thoughtful.”

Karen, Center of Expertise Leader

Financial advisor digs deep and starts a new business

“He actually coached me through the entire process of going independent and getting a new practice set up. We looked back a month and half later and we were both amazed that I had already transitioned, and I was operating fully independently.”

Ryan, Financial Advisor

Mentorship that matters

"Mike is a great source of inspiration. He has good tools and techniques that can help you succeed."

Manuel, Sr. Engineer

Coaching administrators through layoffs

"Our members had nothing but praise for Mike and the services her provided at a time when they really needed help in deciding their next career step, or preparing for the job market. Our members are outshining others in recent interviews!"

Donis Coronel - President/Executive Director of Administrators Association San Diego City Schools

Read the full testimonial for more about our work with the AASD.

Workshop makes waves

"Participants consistently scored his workshop with Very Satisfied, our highest rating. Here's just a sample of the overwhelmingly positive comments: Do not miss. A soul-searching motivational journey! A great opportunity to press restart and make positive changes."

Heidi Prescott - Former Career Coach, Families Forward

For more about the mindset workshop, read the full testimonial. 

Career Coaching for Individuals

Kathlina Lai
"Mike asked me the right questions to help me frame up the issues that need attention. He is a very caring and knowledgeable career coach."

Kathlina Lai - Program Manager

David Conway
"Mike listened to my questions and answered with probing questions to ask myself, which helped me look for answers where I hadn’t looked before."

David Conway - Clank Free Software

Anna Johnson
" Mike made a strong impression on me with his patience and wisdom. He always seems to be able to help me see the forest through the trees. As a Professional Certified Coach, I feel that Mike is the Coach’s Coach."

Anna D. Johnson - Senior Manager

Paul Ditty
"A mutual friend connected me with Mike when I was at a crossroads in my career. With Mike's insightful guidance I was able to make a significant course-changing decision on my life that has since paved the way for countless opportunities."

Paul Ditty

Team Coaching & Training for Organizations

"We still model the basic elements of Mike’s resolution plan as our day-to-day best practices interpersonal communication standard."

Carl Villarreal - San Diego Gas & Electric

"Although I believe we have a strong team, you discussed our results and some possible blind spots and inconsistencies where we can improve. I am a strong believer and supporter of this program."

Joe Velasquez - Southern California Gas Company

Regina Lugani
"I know Mike from his corporate coaching and organizational development work. Anyone interested in professional coaching should reach out to Mike and get to know his style, which I would call instinctual and reassuring."

Regina L - Marketing Manager

Linda Newlin
"Mike Gellman was a dream to work with on the Spot Coaching Pilot Program this fall. He pushes for excellence in a non-threatening and empowering collaborative approach."

Linda Newlin Ruffin - Master Certified Coach

Kathleen Wheeler
"What was wonderful about working with him is that we shared leadership and he could support as well as he could lead. He had a calming as well as a stimulating effect on the group and he helped them navigate challenging conversations that had to happen in order for progress to be made.
He encouraged deeper thinking than many consultants are able to do. Mike is an outstanding partner and consultant, facilitator and thinker. He listens and he challenges the status quo, he supports and he pushes back, all without ego and with the client's needs up front and center. It is refreshing to see him in action whether the task is coaching an individual, facilitating a diverse group of leaders or working to build a team's skills for the new world."

Kathleen Wheeler, Ph.D. - Consultant & Instructor UCSD Extension

Norma Castro
"Mike’s breadth and depth of knowledge are invaluable. He is a great listener and draws upon his breadth and depth of knowledge to design customized coaching and training sessions. I found in Mike a trusted and caring partner and mentor in helping our teams learn and move forward with how best to develop and work together to accomplish challenging change initiatives."

Norma Castro - Technology & Business Manager

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