Executive & Team Coaching

“The biggest thing was moving my mindset from the technician to the entrepreneur. I was able to present my information confidently to an investor.” – Business Owner, Torri C.

“It grew into a team that was the best team I have ever had and lead in the 18 years that I have been with the company.” – Fortune 500 Director, Carmen H.

“I saw a lot of huge potential for her to take on a greater role, and we recently promoted her to Chief Impact Officer. The coaching engagement really made a big difference. ” – CEO, Beth S.

“The first thing that comes to mind for me is Mike’s genuine concern for the human spirit. I probably would have been in a very different emotional, psychological space at this point with my team, had Mike not been there to support what we needed.” – Associate Vice President & Dean, Benardo D.

“Always willing to be a thought partner. When he did review things for us it was just really thoughtful.” – Director of Learning & Leadership Development, Karen M.

“Mike is a great source of inspiration. He has good tools and techniques that can help you succeed.” – Senior Engineer, Manuel G.

Career Coaching

“He really helped me bring such awareness to what I was feeling but not accepting. Then I could really foster that part of me that wanted to be independent.” – Leadership & Talent Management Consultant, Gwen F.

“He taught me how to have elevated conversations with professionals, and gave me the skills to be able to use Linkedin in the right way.” – Sales, Training & Recruiting Professional, Michelle A.

“Mike helped me devise strategy to help me get into the position I wanted to be in. My husband was happy to see that I was coming home happier.” – Engineer, Lorna H.

“It was an investment in myself, and it was worth it. I think I would have had a lot of wasted time without High Five coaching.” – Wellness Coach, Sheela B.

“He actually coached me through the entire process of going independent and getting a new practice set up. We looked back a month and half later and we were both amazed that I had already transitioned, and I was operating fully independently.” – Financial Advisor, Ryan L.

“I wanted an entrepreneurial environment in a big company. And it’s exactly where I am. I couldn’t even put a price on where I am right now. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been and he definitely helped me get there. The return on investment is exponential.” – Senior Program Manager, Patrick M.

“I have more confidence in myself and knowing my strengths. I’m looking forward to my next steps.” – Lisa M.

“The coaching process was excellent. Mike did a great job at understanding what I’m looking for and the difficulties I’m having getting in the door for an interview.” – Alex M.

Career Coaching

“Mike is an excellent career coach. I recently had the opportunity to work with him on getting help with interview preparation. I had been getting call backs for a lot of job interviews and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing opportunities due to not doing well on the interviews.

We did two mock interviews, where he tailored his questions to the job I was interviewing for, and his questions were much more difficult than the questions I was asked on my interviews. Mike had me well prepared so I could feel very relaxed and confident prior to my job interview.”

– Vandana G.
Clinical Pharmacist

“Highly recommend Mike for his career coaching! He helped me with resume and LinkedIn revamping along with assisting me regain the overall confidence I was lacking!”

– Karlie M.
Flight Attendant

“Mike was a great resource for me and I really enjoyed his coaching style. Through our 1:1 sessions, Mike helped me set realistic, meaningful goals that provided clarity and direction to my career path. I would recommend Mike to anyone seeking to take charge of their career.”

– Charlie P.
Hardware Engineer

“Mike asked me the right questions to help me frame up the issues that need attention. He is a very caring and knowledgeable career coach.”

– Kathlina L.
Program Manager

“A mutual friend connected me with Mike when I was at a crossroads in my career. With Mike’s insightful guidance I was able to make a significant course-changing decision on my life that has since paved the way for countless opportunities.”

– Paul D.
Operations Director

“I was ready to end an extended career pause I took to raise my daughter. It had been 5 years since my last full time job and I was aware that the big gap didn’t look great on my resume, but I was determined to go for it anyway. There is tons of advice found online on how this is possible, so armed with that, I sat in front of my laptop and started my job search using most of the job sites, like LinkedIn.

It didn’t take long to get frustrated with the process. I was met with some scammers, MLM offers, and the infamous experience of being ghosted by recruiters. I assumed it was my career gap and it was definitely eating what little confidence I had to begin with. This was when I decided I needed the help of a professional and started searching for a coach.

I had already wasted a ton of time searching for a job on my own, so by the time I met Mike, the need was already immediate. I wanted direction from a coach, but I also had bills to pay asap. Mike listened and helped me through. I made it a point to let him know exactly what my needs are. I’m so appreciative that he took on the challenge and connected me with Heidi.

Heidi was really compassionate and went out of her way to help me. She said “let me tell you everything I know.” She was so determined, and she really listened. Heidi is very understanding and she wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with all of the tools she shared.

The turning point was when Heidi reminded me that I needed to use my skills from my sales background and apply it to my job search. She said: “don’t be hesitate to reach out to CEO’s on LinkedIn.” I did just that to get their attention. Sure enough one of the CEO’s saw my message. The VP of operations called me soon after and said “that was pretty bold.” Not long after, I found myself at a great company with a great team to be a part of.”

– Ging D.
Sales Development

Executive Coaching

“I am extremely grateful to have worked with Mike over a four month intensive coaching cycle. The authenticity of Mike’s desire to help people to move past obstacles and succeed in their careers enabled us to quickly build a rapport and sense of trust.

This led to a series of transformative conversations that allowed me to recognize deeply held beliefs that had been holding me back. After each session, Mike provided a thoughtful and on the nose summary of our conversations – as well as challenges and tools that helped me to learn new ways of responding situations I had struggled with in the past. He is a true professional in his craft.”

– Jean-Michel J.
Principal Data Scientist

“I was tasked by our senior management to lead an important project, that was outside my normal skillset. I knew that I would need help leading a team of people with diverse skillsets that I hadn’t worked with before, and delivering something that met all the stakeholder needs.

I started working with Mike as a coach, and he helped me tremendously. He worked with me to dig deeply into the issues that I foresaw and helped me head them off, and he kept me honest– he made sure that I was focused on the most important factors that helped me succeed. The team gelled and has delivered impressive work, and Mike was an important part of making that happen. I’m extremely happy that I worked with him.”

– David J.
Senior Group Lead, Design Technology

Team Development

“Mike’s breadth and depth of knowledge are invaluable. He is a great listener and draws upon his breadth and depth of knowledge to design customized coaching and training sessions.

I found in Mike a trusted and caring partner and mentor in helping our teams learn and move forward with how best to develop and work together to accomplish challenging change initiatives.”

– Norma C.
Business Transformation Leader

“Although I believe we have a strong team, you discussed our results and some possible blind spots and inconsistencies where we can improve. I am a strong believer and supporter of this program.”

– Joe V.
Program Director

“We still model the basic elements of Mike’s resolution plan as our day-to-day best practices interpersonal communication standard.”

– Carl V.

“He brought the concrete consistent plans to help me to be able to lead in a way in which I needed to lead. I would be in a very different psychological space with my team if Mike had not been there to support what we needed. I think we’re in a great place now.”

– Benardo D.
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students

Training & Keynotes

“Our members had nothing but praise for Mike and the services he provided at a time when they really needed help in deciding their next career step, or preparing for the job market. Our members are outshining others in recent interviews!”

– Donis C.
President & Executive Director

“Participants consistently scored his workshop with Very Satisfied, our highest rating. Here’s just a sample of the overwhelmingly positive comments: Do not miss. A soul-searching motivational journey! A great opportunity to press restart and make positive changes.”

– Heidi P.
Career Coach

“Something I’ve always battled with is, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” The Career Catapult course asked the right questions and gave me time to think about the answers. I’ve now learned through a process of elimination what values are important to me. I’ve never asked myself those questions before, so I found that really amazing.

It took a lot for me to make a move and change my situation. Life’s short, you’ve got to be happy. The course was what took me to the next level and put things into perspective.”

– Sherise R.

Strategic Partnerships

“What was wonderful about working with him is that we shared leadership and he could support as well as he could lead. He had a calming as well as a stimulating effect on the group and he helped them navigate challenging conversations that had to happen in order for progress to be made. He encouraged deeper thinking than many consultants are able to do.

Mike is an outstanding partner and consultant, facilitator and thinker. He listens and he challenges the status quo, he supports and he pushes back, all without ego and with the client’s needs up front and center. It is refreshing to see him in action whether the task is coaching an individual, facilitating a diverse group of leaders or working to build a team’s skills for the new world.”

– Kathleen W., Ph.D.
Consultant & Instructor

“Mike’s attention to detail and his ability to keep the vision at the forefront of each step in the planning, program marketing, assessment, delivery and process improvement based on the feedback from participants was amazing.

Mike demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality of delivery and customization to meet the participants’ pre and post feedback. He provided above and beyond service to the preparations for participants and the facilitators; showing up 90 minutes early, setting the expectations for excellence with the trainers, support of any kind necessary and fantastic energy even after the 3rd pilot session. His willingness to participate and engage when the participants needed a coaching partner was always an attitude of “I’ll do anything you need.”

Mike’s professionalism and demeanor is a delight. He pushes for excellence in a non-threatening and empowering collaborative approach. People trust him and he comes across as competent, caring and warm.”

– Linda R.
Senior Business Consultant

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