We facilitate sustainable transformation within social impact organizations using integrated approaches to unleash potential and strengthen overall effectiveness.

We are experts at facilitating the process of self-discovery and commitment to action. We believe true power and wisdom resides within each of our clients.

We help clients to define success, set goals, and take courageous action towards their commitments.

Our Philosophy

A key principle that guides our work with clients is rooted in a holistic “teach to fish” approach which helps our clients develop greater self-sufficiency and confidence for achieving breakthrough results. There are four cornerstones to our approach:

  1. We create a safe zone for our clients by listening deeply, without judgement, so they can freely share their challenges and concerns.
  2. We challenge our clients’ underlying assumptions and beliefs to expand their thinking beyond the obvious.
  3. We are “truth tellers” who share candid feedback around blind spots that may hold our clients back from even greater success.
  4. We help our clients be accountable by taking action for achieving their desired results.

Our Mission

We facilitate sustainable transformation within social impact organizations using integrated approaches to unleash potential and strengthen overall effectiveness.

Our Vision

We inspire, equip and empower leaders and teams with greater capacity to consciously and collaboratively confront challenges and navigate organizational change; opening new pathways for attaining greater significance, satisfaction and success.

Our clients

Corporate and nonprofit executives develop leadership skills to engage and inspire their employees.
High Potentials
Support development needs among high potential employees and emerging leaders.
Combine a coaching and consulting approach to create greater team cohesion and reduce conflicts.
Technical Professionals
Technical professional reach maximum potential in their field through individual career coaching.

About Our Founder

Mike Gellman is an expert coach and HR professional with over fifteen-years of experience within Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations. Mike is an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation, and has coached over 100 clients. Mike is the author of Pipe Dreams: 7 Pipelines of Career Success, offering an insider’s perspective on harnessing your career.

Mike earned a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and mentors UC Irvine Executive MBA graduate students, as well as San Diego State University undergraduate students.

“I am committed 100% to my own ongoing development as a coach, entrepreneur, father, friend, and to put it simply – being the best person I can possibly be.”

Why choose us?

“He brought the concrete and consistent plans to help me lead. I probably would be in a very different emotional psychological space at this point with my team had Mike not been there to support with what we needed. We’re in a great place now.”

– Benardo D.
Associate Vice President & Dean

“Thanks for sharing great insights and encouraging introspection. You were right on point, engaging, and the material was absolutely relevant. I could tell it resonated with everyone. Two thumbs up!”

– Laura B.
Project Manager

“We definitely won. Mike was clear on what he was going to deliver, and it worked. We have a much stronger senior management team.”

– Beth S.
President & CEO

He actually coached me through the entire process of going independent and getting a new practice set up. We looked back a month and a half later and were both amazed that I had already transitioned, and was operating fully independently.”

– Ryan L.
Financial Advisor

“Mike is a highly talented organization development advisor. He helped my group in several areas including goal setting and prioritization, team collaboration, leadership development, etc.”

– Sandeep M.
Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy

“Mike is a great listener. He really understands how to support in a subtle, guiding, but never intrusive way. His coaching is flexible to your needs, even if they change during the time you work with him.”

– Shawn N.
Business Owner

Tools We Use

Strategies for Leaders

Every week, Mike hosts free livestreams with practical and proven strategies, techniques, and tips for leaders and anyone looking to advance in their careers.

Learn to conduct tough conversations, develop high potentials, and dig deep about your own career goals.

Join us every week on Tuesdays at 5pm PT, and Fridays at 12pm PT.

Connect with Mike on LinkedIn, or watch on High Five’s Facebook or Youtube.

Get Started

Support your organization with leadership, team, and enterprise-wide coaching, training, and consulting.

Illuminate and achieve your goals with personalized, supportive career coaching.