About High Five

We are pleased to offer an array of programs and services...

Our Mission

We facilitate transformational business and career success among socially conscious purpose-driven organizations, leaders and technical professionals. We do this by empowering and inspiring people to be courageous and become their best selves by listening deeply and connecting with them in a caring way.

Our Vision

We inspire individuals, leaders, and teams to reach for their aspirations and live passionate, engaged, fulfilling, and successful careers beyond their deepest imaginations. Our clients have a trusted partner and supporter who walk alongside them. We have created a safe harbor that is free from judgment and enables our clients to build greater self-awareness and open avenues for attaining the degree of accomplishment, success, and fulfillment they crave.

Our Values

Doing the right thing | Modeling the way | Following through on what we promise to do | Making amends when we fall short of what we promise

Facilitating a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of others | Making meaningful contributions to the community

Being the best we can possibly be by committing to continuous improvement and experimenting with new approaches

Establishing connections, collaborating, and authentically developing deep relationships whenever possible

Immersing ourselves in new and exciting experiences that stretch us beyond our comfort zone while increasing knowledge and wisdom along the way

Facing fear and self-doubt to stretch beyond our comfort zone | Taking risks despite fear and potential failure

Who we Coach

Our ideal clients have the following characteristics:

  • Highly-motivated – possess strong desire for change and prioritizes necessary activities accordingly
  • Coachable – receptive to feedback and willing to act on it
  • Committed – demonstrates willingness to take ownership of their development and follows through on personal commitments
  • Responsible – shows up for scheduled coaching sessions or workshops on time and also pays in a timely manner

Who we Coach

High Potential Employees

We specialize in supporting high potential employees in both technical and non-technical fields such to address development needs and adjust to new leadership opportunities through multi-rater feedback and additional avenues of assessment and coaching.

Nonprofit & Corporate Leaders

We support Directors and Executives in accomplishing their goals, developing strategy, increasing their influence and overall effectiveness within their organization and across other business units.

Olympic & Professional Athletes

We help athletes and individuals nearing retirement realize their dreams by helping them identify future potential career options and successfully transition from their athletic career to a business career.

College Students

We help students who are about to graduate and alums who have recently graduated from college by assisting them with clarifying career direction, job search strategies, and acclimating to their new job so they get a strong start.

Parents (of students)

We work with parents of college students who want to help ensure their investment in their child’s education bears fruit. This may take the form of coaching parents behind-the-scenes on shifting their approach to effectively support their child and their transition from school into the workforce.


We work with retiring or honorably discharged military personnel to successfully identify future potential career options, employ effective job search strategies, and provide on-the-job coaching to help them successfully transition and assimilate into the civilian workforce.


We work with teams to address chronic challenges and to establish greater effectiveness and cohesiveness. This is usually accomplished through a combination of a coaching and consulting approach.

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