About High Five

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Our Mission

We facilitate transformational business and career success among socially conscious purpose-driven organizations, leaders and technical professionals. We do this by empowering and inspiring people to be courageous and become their best selves by listening deeply and connecting with them in a caring way.

Our Vision

We inspire individuals, leaders, and teams to reach for their aspirations and live passionate, engaged, fulfilling, and successful careers beyond their deepest imaginations and what they previously thought possible.

Our clients have a trusted partner and confidante in their corner as they tackle challenges while in active pursuit their goals. We have created a safe harbor that is free from judgment that enables our clients to build greater self-awareness and open avenues for attaining the degree of significance and satisfaction they crave.

Our Values

We do the right thing and follow through on what we say we’ll do

We make a positive difference in the lives of others

We are known for quality as we continually strive to be the best that we can be

We engage and develop deep relationships with ourselves and others

We love to learn and seek out new, exciting, and challenging experiences

We face our fears, open our hearts, and take action to move beyond our comfort zones

Our Philosophy

Overall Business

Core principles of our approach to business is to understand customer needs, play fair, be transparent, pay attention to quality, customize solutions, own up to mistakes, collaborate, utilize a holistic systems approach, incorporate sustainable practices, and facilitate client self-sufficiency.

Coaching Approach

High Five Career Coaching uses a “teach to fish” approach and facilitates a process of Client self-discovery and commitment to action. We believe true power and wisdom resides within each of our clients.

As professional coaches, our duty is to be fully present in order to embrace each client's unique nature, actively listen and build trust, ask powerful questions, and challenge assumptions. We also help clients to define success, plan, set goals, and support them in holding themselves accountable to their commitments.

Consulting Approach

The essence of our approach to consulting is that the greatest value we can provide is to understand our client’s underlying needs, focus on process, enable our clients to own the problem, and use ourselves as tools for change by reflecting back what is observed via candid feedback. In fact, most of the leaders we’ve consulted with over the years have indicated that they truly value being able to get honest feedback about their blind spots.

Training Approach

Our approach to training employees over the years is built upon our understanding of how adults learn and apply what they learn after they leave the classroom (or virtual classroom) and are back on the job. We believe that learning is a process rather than an “event.” Most learning actually occurs outside the classroom – i.e. it begins before employees enter the classroom and continues after they leave and return to work.

To this end, a key approach we’ve adopted to maximize learning is to provide pre-work in advance of the class to prime and prepare students for what they are about to learn as well as post-class assignments in order to increase the probability that learning will transfer successfully with the application of new knowledge, habits, and skills. During the class, we utilize a mix of lecture, personal stories and examples to illustrate concepts, small and large group discussions and exercises, videos, student teach-backs and report-outs, and debriefs to facilitate understanding on a meta-learning level.

Who we Coach

Our ideal clients have the following characteristics:

  • Highly-motivated – possess strong desire for change and prioritizes necessary activities accordingly
  • Coachable – receptive to feedback and willing to act on it
  • Committed – demonstrates willingness to take ownership of their development and follows through on personal commitments
  • Responsible – shows up for scheduled coaching sessions or workshops on time and also pays in a timely manner

Who We Coach

High Potentials and Emerging Leaders

We specialize in supporting high potential employees and emerging leaders to address development needs, adjust to new leadership opportunities, and adapt to potential roles as part of a succession plan.

Corporate and Nonprofit Executives

We support C-level Executives or Department Heads of Fortune 1000 organizations wanting to improve employee engagement, establish a coaching culture, and increase talent mobility within their organization.

Small Business Owners

Small businesses with 10+ employees and $2M revenue needing a strategic thinking partner for growing their business, strengthening their team, and developing new leaders and potential successors.


We work with teams to address chronic challenges and to establish greater effectiveness and cohesiveness. This is usually accomplished through a combination of a coaching and consulting approach.

Technical Professionals

We support technical professionals looking to accelerate their careers and push themselves to their maximum potential in the field.

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