Career Coaching Services For Individuals

High Five Career Coaching offers individual coaching, group coaching & job search skills support. Every coaching package is customized to best support your career objectives.

Career Discovery coaching packages are tailored for each client’s specific needs and areas of interest. These sessions are available for individuals or in a group setting.

Job Search Skills coaching packages offer more technical assistance with such items as resumes, LinkedIn, and interviewing prep.

Coaching sessions are typically by phone or videoconference (in-person can be arranged upon request).

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Intro Coaching Packages

Invest in your career journey with job search support, assessments, and leadership coaching. These packages are a great way to try out coaching and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Career Discovery Coaching Packages

Ideal for early to mid-career individuals who are clear on what they want and are seeking to conduct an effective and accelerated job search.

This coaching package provides expert job search guidance and helps you create an effective career campaign. We will help you to strengthen your job search process and be with you every step of the way to create a blueprint with strategies for tapping into and navigating the hidden job market and communicating your value to prospective employers.

Ideal for mid-career individuals seeking to change careers and develop better working relationships.

This coaching package provides a solid start to career management and exploration. You have the opportunity to take the Birkman Method, a premier on-line career assessment that will help you identify career options and develop a deeper understanding of yourself to improve your effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

Ideal for mid-career individuals seeking to develop better working relationships, sharpen focus, and enhance performance.

This coaching package provides in-depth career management. You will have the opportunity to take either the Birkman Method or Hogan Personality Assessment, premier on-line assessments that will help you clarify your personality style and identify career options and develop a deeper understanding of yourself to improve your effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

Ideal for individuals nearing retirement or recently retired and seeking next-stage options.

This coaching package provides in-depth retirement planning. In addition to a career, personality style, and/or values assessment, we will explore your personal strengths, passions, and purpose and establish a pre-post retirement plan.

Ideal for individuals seeking to sharpen negotiation skills for an upcoming performance or salary review.

Clarify your key objectives and identify powerful strategies that convey your value to your employer. We’ll delve into your underlying motivators, your money-reward mindset, set healthy expectations and boundaries, and appropriately assess and ask for what you’re worth.

Prepare for common reactions and resistance that you’re likely to encounter so you can approach the conversation with clarity and confidence and feel like a champion.

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Job Search Skills

Resume Review

Ideal for individuals seeking to create a powerful resume with greater impact and lead to more interviews.

LinkedIn Review

Ideal for individuals seeking to boost their online profile with greater impact and credibility that leads to more inquiries from recruiters

Interview Prep

Ideal for individuals seeking to sharpen interviewing skills for an upcoming job interview and want to be at their very best.

Mike was a great resource for me and I really enjoyed his coaching style. Through our 1:1 sessions, Mike helped me set realistic, meaningful goals that provided clarity and direction to my career path. I would recommend Mike to anyone seeking to take charge of their career.
Charlie P.
Hardware Engineer
Mike is an excellent career coach! I recently had the opportunity to work with him on getting help with interview preparation. I had been getting call backs for a lot of job interviews and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing opportunities due to not doing well on the interviews. We did two mock interviews, where he tailored his questions to the job I was interviewing for, and his questions were much more difficult than the questions I was asked on my interviews. Mike had me well prepared so I could feel very relaxed and confident prior to my job interview.
Vandana G.
Clinical Pharmacist
Highly recommend Mike for his career coaching! He helped me with resume and LinkedIn revamping along with assisting me regain the overall confidence I was lacking!
Karlie M.
Flight Attendant
The program was life-changing. Mike helped me devise a strategy to help me get into the position I wanted to be in. My husband was happy to see I was coming home happier.
Lorna H.
I had decided to leave my field of teaching, and I was in a transition period up to the point that I decided to get coaching. It was an investment in myself, and it was worth it. I think I would have had a lot of wasted time without High Five coaching.
Sheela B.
Wellness Coach

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How to Utilize Career Coaching

Career Discovery & Fit

  • Identifying and transitioning to a new career
  • Creating a personal action plan
  • Setting clear and compelling goals
  • Spotting trends and opportunities

Career Management & Personal Branding

  • Positioning yourself for promotion
  • Following up and accountability
  • Increasing your political savvy at work

Job Search

  • Assessing company culture and fit
  • Resumes and cover letters that work
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Tapping into the hidden job market

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