Organizational Solutions

Support your organization with leadership, team, and enterprise-wide coaching and consulting. We can customize our programs to your specific needs.

Leadership Coaching

We develop leaders at all levels so that they can increase capacity and capabilities over time. Whether you need to increase leadership capacity or performance, we can help.

Team Coaching

We work with newly launched, project, restructured, and underperforming teams experiencing change. They may also be experiencing silos along with chronic and unresolved conflicts.

Enterprise-Wide Consulting

We also offer consulting on an array of organizational initiatives such as creating a coaching culture, employee engagement, succession planning, and mentoring and coaching programs.

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Coaching Programs for Executives and High Potential Leaders

Leadership Coaching 3

Executive Coaching

Coaching for executives and leaders transitioning to new teams


Leadership Coaching

Leader Assessment & Coaching Center

Self-awareness and development planning for executives, high potentials, and intact work teams.


High Potential Leader Development

High Potential Leader Development

Customized development programs for high potential leaders


Regina L - Marketing Manager

I know Mike from his corporate coaching and organizational development work. Over the years of knowing Mike, I’ve counted on his observations and feedback to improve the way I approach challenging situations, including challenging group dynamics. Anyone interested in professional coaching should reach out to Mike.

Team Coaching and Training

Customized Teambuilding

Team coaching and retreats for improving overall team cohesion and performance.


Training for Organizations

Learn about your options for multi-day and half day workshops, spanning a range of leadership and career topics.


Joe Velasquez - Director, Master Meter Customer Program

Southern California Gas Company

Thank you for doing a great job facilitating the Healthy Organizations workshop for our Mobilehome Park Program Project team. Although I believe we have a strong team, you discussed our results and some possible blind spots and inconsistencies where we can improve. This gave the team a lot to think about and ideas on how to improve moving forward. I am a strong believer and supporter of this program and your ability to present, probe, and guide the team discussions gave all of us new insights and ideas. Thank you!

Enterprise-Wide Consulting Services

Coaching Culture

Ideal for organizations who wish to establish or strengthen a coaching culture.

Employee Engagement Consulting

Ideal for organizations wanting to identify strategies for improving enterprise-wide employee engagement.

Succession Planning & Facilitation

Ideal for organizations who recognize the importance of ensuring a strong bench by planning for future talent needs and business continuity.

Mentorship Program

Ideal for organizations or departments who wish to establish an effective mentorship program for employees.

Coaching Center

Ideal for organizations wanting to establish or strengthen their internal capacity to facilitate talent readiness and mobility.

High Five Partner Organizations

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Linda Newlin Ruffin - Senior Business Consultant & Master Certified Coach

Hudson Institute

Mike Gellman was a dream to work with on the Spot Coaching Pilot Program this fall. His attention to detail and his ability to keep the vision at the forefront of each step in the planning, program marketing, assessment, delivery and process improvement based on the feedback from participants was amazing. Mike demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality of delivery and customization to meet the participants’ pre and post feedback. He provided above and beyond service to the preparations for participants and the facilitators...showing up 90 minutes early, setting the expectations for excellence with the trainers, support of any kind necessary and fantastic energy even after the 3rd pilot session. His willingness to participate and engage when the participants needed a coaching partner was always an attitude of "I'll do anything you need." Mike was able to formulate an excellent marketing overview of how Spot Coaching builds the bridge of skills and the mindset to support broader mastery of all the leadership development courses past and present. His patience was amazing. Mike's professionalism and demeanor is a delight. He pushes for excellence in a non-threatening and empowering collaborative approach. People trust him and he comes across as competent, caring and warm.

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