Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching For Your Leaders

Invest in executive coaching for your leaders! With our personalized coaching process, leaders develop a roadmap to stronger relationships and results within your organization. Empower your leaders with valuable insights and actionable development goals.

Leader Accelerate Coaching Program

With the Leader Accelerate Coaching Program, experienced and emerging leaders are empowered to leverage their strengths and challenged to expand beyond their comfort zone.

Benefits of Leader Accelerate:

  • Improved decision-making and judgement
  • Greater focus and clarity of vision
  • Increased confidence and resilience
  • Better relationships with expanded influence
  • Increased agility and responsiveness to changing business demands
  • Greater resilience and handling of stressors

Leader Accelerate is a 6-month package, including two 1×1 coaching sessions per month and 360 degree assessment. Leader will engage in ongoing alignment meetings with coach and sponsor to discuss goals and evaluate progress.

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Leader Acclimate Coaching Program

The Leader Acclimate Coaching Program is ideal for newly appointed leaders and project managers. Support leaders receiving a promotion or newly leading an existing team.

Leaders and their team members come together to learn about each other, explore assumptions, and communicate underlying concerns. This process results in clarified expectations and more productive relationships.

Benefits of personal and team coaching: 

  • Strengthen leader-team alignment and trust
  • Build on what works and identify strengths
  • Smooth transitions for newly appointed leaders
  • Avoid unnecessary transition-related grievances
  • Minimize loss of productivity, quality, time, and resources

Leader Acclimate offers three months of regular 1×1 coaching sessions, in addition to two team in-depth team sessions. This package includes ongoing coordination with team sponsor and HR, and pulse surveys to track progress over time.

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Flex On-Demand Coaching

Flex On-Demand Coaching offers a flexible solution, ideal for enhancing situational performance and effectiveness of leaders. With Flex On-Demand Coaching, we create a coaching package that your organization can use overtime, and for multiple leaders.

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