Birkman Method® Assessment

The Birkman Method® is an assessment-based methodology that provides an in-depth framework for developing leadership, organizational, and career path solutions.

Gain deep insights and awareness of 9 interpersonal dynamics that play an essential role in your career effectiveness and satisfaction

Benefits of this assessment:

  • Unique and comprehensive behavioral profile
  • Focus on emotional intelligence strengths and development areas
  • Greater focus and confidence with future career decisions
  • Identify career options tailored to underlying motivators, interests, and strengths
  • Maximize momentum in your self-discovery process

Our Certified Birkman Consultants provide a comprehensive coaching to support you in debriefing your assessment. We are experts at identifying key insights, such as:

  • Best fit career options
  • Ideal work environments
  • How to use your strengths
  • What kind of relationships support you
  • How you can thrive in your role and career

Take the next step with our all-inclusive assessment packages. This package includes:

  • Full-Length Advanced Birkman Assessment
  • 75 min. Expert Career Mentoring Session with Assessment Debrief
  • Comprehensive 30-page Report Identifying Career Options and Assessment Results ($475 value)


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