Leave Behind The Box

Mike Gellman

“Are you scared?” asked several colleagues. “Of course I am. However, my level of excitement and passion for what I’m about to do is way up here while my nervousness and fear level is about here” as I held one hand above my head to represent the former and my other hand at stomach to represent the latter. I recognize there aren’t any guarantees, but I feel like I need to give this a shot. Plus I don’t want any regrets later in life for not trying.

While I enjoyed my job, I had found it increasingly difficult to grow and implement my ideas without freeing up time and energy to focus my attention to cultivate them. I borrowed a lesson I learned in my late twenties related to financial investments. I had set a goal to purchase my first home in five years. At the time, I considered it a stretch goal. This was before I was introduced to a financial planner who reviewed my goals and investments. She advised me that if I were willing to sell some stocks I had been saving for retirement, I could actually afford to purchase a home immediately. I was stunned. And that’s exactly what happened.

Part of the process of reclaiming our personal power and building our potential includes acknowledging any self-inflicted sand traps we’ve fallen into over the years, re-igniting our abandoned dreams or creating new ones, and developing a “What if…?” or “Imagine if…” mindset to help energize us to take inspired actions towards a more desirable future. What had originally held me back from purchasing my first home were limiting beliefs around investing. After realizing that a house is simply another form of investment, I was sold on the idea. What helped me take my recent leap of faith was to re-purpose and invest some savings in my new business instead.

I believe we all have inner gifts. I marvel at the innate talents of others that I’m most fortunate to witness. One of mine is helping people take charge of their careers and chart a new course to make their career dreams a reality.

What could be possible for you if you embrace and invest in “What if…” and “Imagine if…” thinking?