Creative Play and Destruction

Mike Gellman

The thing about playing in sandboxes is that there’s constantly a state of destroying the old to create the new. Nothing in the sandbox was permanent, yet the enjoyment and positive memories from those experiences have been. This is a process known as creative destruction whereas destroying the old frees up space and energy to replace with innovative new ideas.

There are always trade-offs when trying something new. A ship must leave a safe harbor to reach its destination. When we venture into open waters away from the security of the sand under our feet, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. There may be perils, yet there are also pleasant surprises.

Looking back on my first 30 days since I took my leap of faith to pursue my passion, I’ve experienced both ups and downs. I left a good job in order to focus my attention and efforts full-time on building a successful career coaching business and experiment with some additional entrepreneurial ideas.

I have a lot to be proud of. Although I’ve had a number of setbacks, I’ve also had a great deal of wins, big and small. During this time I’ve been able to clean up unfinished business, re-connect with colleagues, friends, and family, and learn a lot about business development. Highlights include:

– Officially obtained my ACC coaching credential after years of procrastination

– Received 20 written endorsements and testimonials from former co-workers and clients

– Conducted one of my work days while sitting and relaxing at the beach (loved it!)

– Reunited with a former mentor and career coach from 25 years ago to form a consortium

– Received invaluable advice from six master coaches in marketing and publicity industry

– Filmed three professional videos that will eventually be on my website and YouTube

– Garnered several leads and proposals for coaching, speaking, and training opportunities

– De-cluttered 80% of my home of old papers, electronics, housewares, toiletries and toys

– Reached goal of learning to make 25 new recipes within two years (began August 2015)

– Ran a personal best in a recent 5K race (21:23)

What can you destroy that no longer serves you? What would that allow you to create in its place?