Linda Newlin Ruffin – Master Certified Coach

Linda Newlin Ruffin – Master Certified Coach

Mike Gellman was a dream to work with on the Spot Coaching Pilot Program this fall. His attention to detail and his ability to keep the vision at the forefront of each step in the planning, program marketing, assessment, delivery and process improvement based on the feedback from participants was amazing.

Mike demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality of delivery and customization to meet the participants’ pre and post feedback.

He provided above and beyond service to the preparations for participants and the facilitators…showing up 90 minutes early, setting the expectations for excellence with the trainers, support of any kind necessary and fantastic energy even after the 3rd pilot session.

His willingness to participate and engage when the participants needed a coaching partner was always an attitude of “I’ll do anything you need.”

Mike was able to formulate an excellent marketing overview of how Spot Coaching builds the bridge of skills and the mindset to support broader mastery of all the leadership development courses past and present.

His patience was amazing. Mike’s professionalism and demeanor is a delight. He pushes for excellence in a non-threatening and empowering collaborative approach.

People trust him and he comes across as competent, caring and warm.