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Whether it’s for a lunch-n-learn, all-hands meeting, conference, or your service organization, Mike delivers custom keynote speeches on various talent management and workplace issues that are sure to spark . Bring Mike into your organization to serve up some stimulating conversation among your group or organization.

Featured Topics:

For Leaders

Employee Engagement Strategies that Improve Attraction, Retention, & Team Performance

Are Your High Potentials Developing Fast Enough? Addressing the Experience-Talent Gap Between Retiring Boomers & Eager Millennials

Mobilizing Your Talent Pool: Creating a Coaching & Mentoring Ecosystem

Creating a Coaching Culture: Strategies used by Exemplary Coaching Organizations

Are you Sabotaging Your Employees' Career Success?

For Employees

Your Personal Brand @Work: Leveraging the Power of Relationships & Influence to Accelerate Your Career Success

Remodeling Your Career: Navigating Fear & Resistance to Change during Construction

Are you Sabotaging Your Child’s Career Success?

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Upcoming Talks

Are You Sabotaging Your Employees’ Career Success? - a DisruptHR talk by Mike Gellman

Previous Talks

  • Your Personal Brand @Work: Leveraging the Power of Relationships & Influence to Accelerate Your Career Success | August 13, 2020 - Webinar | Project Management Institute (PMI) - Orange County
  • Talent Management and Developing High Potentials | June 26, 2020 - Career Development Breakfast | Project Management Institute - San Diego
  • Ahead of the Curve: A New Take on Talent Development Careers | April 14, 2020 - Online Webinar | Association for Talent Development (ATD) - Orange County
  • Creating a Coaching Culture for Nonprofits | January 23rd and 24th - San Diego, CA | 16th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium at University of San Diego
  • Grow Your Network and Explore Career Development | November 14, 2019 - Costa Mesa, CA | Association for Talent Development (ATD) - Orange County
  • Creating a Coaching Culture: Strategies Used by Exemplary Organizations | October 18, 2019 - Live Webinar | Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA)
  • Your Personal Brand at Work: Leveraging the Power of Relationships & Influence | May 14, 2019 - Irvine, CA | Exchange Club of Irvine
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Employees' Career Success? | April 4, 2019 - Irvine, CA | Disrupt HR 6.0 - Executive Next Practices Institute
  • Creating a Coaching Culture: Strategies Used by Exemplary Organizations | February 27, 2019 - Santa Ana, CA | Association for Talent Development (ATD) - Orange County
  • Are You Developing Your High Potentials Fast Enough? | October 24, 2018 - Irving, TX | Talent Review-Succession Practitioners Conference
  • Creating a Coaching Culture: Strategies Used by Exemplary Organizations | March 14, 2018 - Irvine, CA | Career Coaches SIG
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Child’s Career Success? | September 12, 2017 - Fountain Valley, CA | Fountain Valley Rotary Club
  • Your Personal Brand at Work: Leveraging the Power of Relationships & Influence to Accelerate Your Career Success | June 27, 2016 - Carlsbad, CA | North Coast Calvary Chapel
  • Your Personal Brand at Work: Leveraging the Power of Relationships & Influence to Accelerate Your Career Success | April 26, 2016 - Irvine, CA | International Institute of Business Analysis
  • Remodeling Your Career: Navigating Fear & Resistance During Construction | January 31, 2016 - Irvine, CA | Congregation Shir Ha-Ma'alot
  • QA for Your Career: The Unspoken Rules of Engagement that Successful Employees Master | July 11, 2015 - Irvine, CA | Southern California Quality Assurance Association
  • The Last Mile in Developing Talent that Matters: Five Keys for Closing the Talent Gap without Spending a Fortune | February 12, 2015 - San Diego, CA | San Diego Organization Development Network
  • Building a Career Coaching & Development Center | February 11, 2015 - Rancho Santa Fe, CA | Talent Review-Succession Practitioner’s Conference

David Conway, Owner

Clank Free Software

I met Mike while searching for the next step in my career. He presented at a QA meeting, drawing on his book Pipe Dreams. Mike listened to my questions and answered with probing questions to ask myself, which helped me look for answers where I hadn’t looked before. I’ve since made a large career move, sticking true with what motivates me, but into semi-uncharted territory. I’m glad I did.

Judy Issokson - Board Member

San Diego OD Network

Mike is an energetic, professional, and informative presenter. He engages with the audience with an infectious authenticity. His work in career development is inspiring and practical.

Paul M. Gendron - former Manager, Meter Reading; Successfully transitioned to Safety, Wellness & Emergency Services Manager


As Manager of Meter Reading overseeing the mass workforce transformation as the meter reading function was moving to automated future, I needed help in preparing my management team for their eventual transition to their next career. I reached out to Mike Gellman, Senior Talent Leader at SoCalGas to help me.  Mike did an amazing job of putting together a presentation for the team, and showed them what was possible in identifying how their transferable talents could be put to use in their next career transition.  He held my team accountable for taking the initiative to sign up for a two-day training, which would be a prerequisite for one-on-one coaching. I had several of my team members share with me how valuable and insightful his training was for them.  As a result, well over 90% of the management team have made a successful transition to a career of their choice. I appreciated Mike’s can do attitude and his caring demeanor to help others be successful.  Thank you Mike for all you do!  

Kristen McLaurin


Being a PT Meter Reader Transitional (meaning, it’s going away), I had to step out the box and do something else besides wait for my seniority to build. I saw an email about the Career Coaching & Development Center and checked it out. I signed up with Mike for a one-on-one coaching session to talk about my career and my plans. I really didn’t have a plan but after talking with Mike, he brought things to my attention that I hadn’t thought about before. I enrolled in the Kickstarter workshop and Career Management Group (Career Club) where Mike would have questions geared toward looking at yourself in the situation instead of looking at what others are saying or doing. After completing Kickstarter and meeting with the Career Club on a regular basis, the skills that were brought out of me by Mike’s calm and witty sense of humor, I continue to use in my daily work and home life. Especially learning to be quiet sometimes and listen!

DeMiko J. - Customer Contact Center Supervisor

I had the pleasure of working with Mike in a career self-discovery program at work for about two years. It was refreshing to know that Mike was (and is) an expert in the field of coaching and development and was passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise. Through his leadership and guidance, the program he led fostered an atmosphere of teamwork and trust, and it allowed me as a participant to not only be mentored by him, but to also be peer-mentored by the other participants. He provided tools (such as 360-degree assessments) that helped me learn more about myself in terms of my career goals and how to marry my passions outside of work with what I do for the company. The training and coaching that he provided allowed me to really look deep inside myself, in my career journey, so that I could succeed in my job and working relationships with my peers, direct reports, and all levels of the company’s management and executive leadership team. Mike helped polish my resume by highlighting my skill sets and what I have accomplished as well as provided tips for preparing for job interviews. His humility and hunger for helping others with their career goals makes him a highly desired connection for anyone seeking his support.

Dave L.

It was good seeing you again. I enjoyed your presentation at the IIBA Meeting last night. You were able to challenge the audience to look inside in a not-too-threatening way; and provided added value through the exercises. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next event (whatever that might be). Let's keep in touch.

Kate Brehmer

NC3 Career Transitions

Thank you so very much for making the trip down for Orange County LA area to run our workshop last night. We had such good feedback on your presentation. People definitely left last night with their job search spirits uplifted. I agree with Gene's comments below. Your examples and stories of roadblocks we create in our job search and career goals were excellent messages but done with humor and grace. I also thought you had the right balance of activities that were meaningful to your messages. Your material was well delivered and relevant to our candidates. Thank you for the work you did to prepare that presentation for us. We hope that you will consider coming back in the future. It was a pleasure for us to have you run our workshop.

Ali A.

Mike Gellman helps you realize the potential that will take you to the next level in your career journey. He explains how you can succeed with simple examples and analogies, which you will always remember! I did not hesitate to buy his book "Pipe Dreams: 7 Pipelines of Career Success" right after listening to him for the first time.

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