Pipe Dreams Career Development 2-Day Program

Pipe Dreams Career Workshop

Don't have the career you want? Frustrated with your career progress? The Pipe Dreams Career workshop will help you advance your career with greater ease and less struggle! Participants who complete the Pipe Dreams Career Workshop will develop greater self-awareness, gain greater clarity of purpose and career direction, an expanded network of supporters, and have the opportunity to uncover career-limiting blind spots while crafting a personalized career development plan with feedback and expert guidance. It’s offered as a two-day public in-person workshop or as a custom private workshop for corporations and nonprofits.

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Contact Mike if you would like to attend the next public workshop or make it available to employees in your organization.

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What’s included?

•  Two full days of expertly guided instruction that will enable you to advance your career with greater clarity and confidence. We will discuss common career myths and you’ll have the opportunity to uncover career-limiting blind spots that are holding you back from manifesting your dream career.

•  Hands-on interactive exercises to practice new skills which will enable you to gain powerful and actionable insights into your personal values, strengths, interests, personality, and potential. You’ll also formulate a personal mission and vision that will serve as a compelling and inspirational guide as you take the steps towards a more fulfilling career.

•  Personalized 10-page career assessment report that will open up new career possibilities including your Top 10 alternate career options You will also be able to identify key skills and interests that you possess which are highly prized in other occupations and industries.

•  Professional 60-page participant workbook you can reference and build upon after you complete the workshop.

•  Powerful career networking opportunities that will enable you receive the support of peers who have experienced similar challenges. You’ll have opportunities to tap into the collective wisdom and relationships of like-minded peers and gain access to personal networks of prospective employers, job leads, and personal referrals to prospective interviewers.

•  Support for establishing your Career Action Plan that will enable you to get unstuck with your career and keep you focused on your goals. You’ll be able to harness what you’ve learned in the workshop and distill it down into a concrete plan of action with tangible, step-by-step actions to take for accomplishing your career goals.

• Complimentary continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks that will keep you energized and focused without the worry. All you need to do is show up to class ready and willing to learn for an all-inclusive price.

• One 30-minute individual career coaching session with ACC certified coach Mike Gellman that will provide you with continued clarification, accountability, and momentum towards your goals. You’ll receive personal, undivided attention with your specific needs and support in breaking through obstacles you face as you implement your career action plan.

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