Leader Effectiveness

We develop leaders at all levels so that they can increase capacity and capabilities over time. With our leadership coaching, leaders can:

  • Assess and provide feedback on personal strengths and development needs
  • Exercise better judgment and decision-making
  • Capitalize on team strengths while reducing vulnerabilities
  • Experience greater employee engagement and influence
  • Build and sustain higher performing and resilient teams
  • Impact on the bottom-line

Whether you need to increase leadership capacity or performance, contact us to set up a Consulting Discovery call.

Team Effectiveness

We work with nonprofit and corporate teams to address just about any team issue from simple meeting facilitation and training to more complex engagements such as facilitating culture change.

With our team facilitation support you can:

  • Keep meetings on track to meet objectives
  • develop a long-term strategic plan
  • Establish annual goals aligned with organizational priorities
  • Dissolve dysfunctional dynamics and improve team cohesion
  • Increase collaboration among silos or departments
  • Accelerate team startups and performance
  • Garner consistent ownership and support of team decisions
  • Reduce bottlenecks and increase service quality
  • Improve team agility in response to change
  • Enhance employee engagement, retention, and resilience
  • Design an organizational structure to better support objectives
  • Assess talent bench strength and create qualified succession plans

Rates for organizational consulting vary depending on type of engagement and location. Whether your team needs a tune-up or a total transformation, contact us to set up a Consulting Discovery call to discuss your particular needs.

Career & Mentorship Programs

Increasingly, organizations beginning to focus attention on the development of internal capacity to offer their workforce career coaching and mentorship programs as a way to attract, develop, and retain the next generation of talented employees.

We developed a national award-winning mentorship program for Association for Talent Development-San Diego chapter (ATD, formerly ASTD) that is still running strong after 15 years. We’ve also established a Career Coaching & Development Center for a Fortune 500 company that has served over 350 employees in three years. We can guide you to:

  • Create a strategic program plan that aligns with company objectives
  • Garner leadership support
  • Clarify your coaching and mentoring program philosophy
  • Prioritize and segment your target audience(s)
  • Establish selection criteria and process for participation
  • Identify metrics for success
  • Establish a client intake and coach or mentor matching process
  • Design the service delivery workflow from beginning to end
  • Decide on an effective client tracking system
  • Develop necessary program materials
  • Determine an internal marketing and communication strategy

If you’re considering investing in this strategy yet struggling with where to begin, we can help. Contact us to set up a Consulting Discovery call to discuss designing and setting up your own program.