Leader Acclimate Coaching

Leader Acclimate

Coaching for leaders transitioning to new teams 

The Leader Acclimate Program is ideal for newly appointed leaders and project managers receiving a promotion or lateral opportunity to lead an existing intact team.

How you benefit:

  • Avoid or minimize unnecessary problems and grievances related to organizational changes and loss of productivity, quality, time, and resources
  • Strengthen leader-team alignment and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Leader action plan with key areas of focus and strategic priorities for smoother transition
  • Re-establish leader-team trust and alignment (when applicable)
  • Position leader and team to preserve what works and build on strengths

What you get: 

  • Three months of individual coaching (two 60 min. sessions per month)
  • Facilitated process to expedite team engagement, trust, and alignment
  • Two expertly facilitated team sessions including:
  • One “questions and concerns” team assessment session (two hours)
  • One “deep dive dialogue” leader-team engagement session (two hours)
  • One private individual feedback debrief session with leader (one hour)
  • Unlimited e-coaching between formal coaching sessions
  • Two online pulse surveys to track and evaluate leader-team progress
  • Ongoing coordination with team sponsor and internal HR representatives