Leader Accelerate Coaching

Leader Accelerate

Coaching for executives and high potential leaders 

The Leader Accelerate Coaching Program is ideal for emerging leaders to elevate targeted performance and potential.

How you benefit:

  • Tailored coaching agreement and action plan to suit leader and organizational needs and goals
  • Improve decision-making with greater focus, confidence, and judgement
  • Gain deep insights and self-awareness of key factors that play an essential role in leadership effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Identify natural strengths, values, and underlying motivators
  • Understand key stressors and working environments most conducive to leader satisfaction and success
  • Greater peace of mind with engaging superiors, peers and employees
  • Less struggle, more freedom, and better results/outcomes
  • Mentoring opportunity from coach with significant knowledge of organizational dynamics, processes, and operations

What you get: 

  • Six months of coaching (two 75 min. sessions per month)
  • Initial session in-person, then remainder by phone or Zoom videoconference
  • Includes unlimited e-coaching (or occasional 5-15 minute calls) in between scheduled sessions
  • Includes administration and debrief of on-line 360 feedback survey or in-person interview-style 360 feedback assessment (can coordinate with internal OD/TD department to utilize any in-house assessment instruments)
  • Up to two additional assessments as needed (personality, leadership, or EQ)
  • Up to three alignment meetings with Sponsor to clarify expectations, goals, and track progress (30-45 min. each)
  • Establish individual development goals and action plans