Benefits For You

How You Will Benefit

When you work with me, you will:

  • Develop peace of mind and let go of the frustration, struggle, and self-doubt while you make remarkable progress towards your dreams and goals.
  • Have someone in your corner who understands and supports you in gaining the necessary clarity, inspiration, and motivation to succeed in your career endeavors.
  • Leverage a hired hand who possesses a keen awareness and inside track on career derailleurs and accelerators that distinguish professionals like you from the crowd for career advancement.
  • Be able to make decisions about your career with greater confidence.
  • Improve your relationships with your boss and co-workers.
  • Dissolve and dispel limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential.
  • Redirect wasted time and energy on fruitless efforts.
  • Capitalize on your hidden strengths and motivators.
  • Focus your attention on areas better suited and aligned with your deeply held passions, interests, values and needs.
  • Challenge your thinking and get “unstuck.”
  • Elevate your level of self-awareness and the hidden dynamics of your situation.
  • Take the necessary steps that lead to greater fulfillment and satisfaction and effectiveness at work and at home.



What Makes Me Different?

I have:

  • A fifteen-year track record within Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations.
  • Successfully advised and coached employees, leaders, and teams at all levels to enhance their potential, achieve goals, and realize dreams they never thought possible.
  • Coached over 60 clients including individuals and groups.
  • Strong foundation of experience with 350+ total dedicated coaching hours.
  • Volunteered as co-host of global community of 600 career coaches that convenes thought leaders each month to stay current on best practices and trends in the field.
  • Trained and become certified to use an array of assessment tools and interpersonal skills training which helps clients expand self-awareness.
  • Obtained my ACC coaching credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the premier organization for the professional coach community.
  • Earned a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
  • Committed 100% to my own ongoing development as a coach, entrepreneur, father, friend, and to put it simply - being the best person I can possibly be.

Did You Know?

I love to learn and typically invest about $5000 each year to keep expanding my awareness, capabilities, and sharpen my coaching and business skills so I can be of better service to my clients. This includes having my own coach and mentor, attending one or two self-development retreats each year, reading new books related to human potential, attending and speaking at conferences and trade association meetings to learn from other experts and share my knowledge, and taking advantage of other professional development activities such as webinars and networking. In fact, I’ve invested over $20,000 in self-development the past two years alone that ultimately benefits prospective clients such as you.